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Hershey School of Dance Teachers

About Us

Hershey School of Dance is a non-profit organization operating under the Paulette J. Viviano Foundation for the Performing Arts. Hershey School of Dance began as a tap dancing school in 1977 and has expanded to include dancing instruction in a wide range of genres including jazz, tap, ballet, pointe, hip hop, contemporary, modern and theater dance.

Our mission at Hershey School of Dance is to give students not only a dance education, but to nurture the values and self esteem dancers develop. We also inspire our students to make a commitment to their dance education by always striving to do their best; by being respectful of studio and dance training etiquette; by developing and demonstrating an appreciation for their art; and, ultimately, by seeking out collegiate or career opportunities within the dance education or performance fields.

We're also committed to supporting parents and instructors in instilling a belief system in the students that promotes positive attitudes and a strong work ethic that leads to the setting and achieving of goals - qualities that have the potential to extend beyond their dance training into other aspects of their lives.

While we focus on providing the best dance education for every student, our objectives don't revolve around dance competition. Instead our team of experienced dance instructors provide a supportive environment that nurtures creativity and encourages growth and individual goals. As a result, many of our students find that dance helps them release stress, build confidence and have fun, as they discover their own connection with the artistry of dance.

Dance classes run year round and once a year all dancers perform on the Hershey Theatre stage. Each class builds specific skills in preparation for our year-end performance program that includes every student, regardless of skill level, providing each student with a moment to shine.


Equality Policy

Hershey School of Dance operating under the Paulette J. Viviano Foundation for the Performing Arts, is a non-profit organization and admits students of any race, color, religion, and ethnic origin.


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